PDF Printer Lite App Reviews

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Virtual Air Printer

My real physical printer is too old to support Air Print. I use this app as a means to print from my iPhone which can only print to Air Print printers. There are certain things (e.g. coupons) that I must print from my iPhone rather than (or in addition to) my MacBook.

Work great

Work great, fantastic work, thank a lots the developers of tis app.


It is unclear what that program does. Even the “getting started” does not show up anything, just dead.


No directions on how to get it to printer selection list. Really useless!

Can’t Name and Locate Output

It creates a PDF fine. You can make it your default printer, yes. But it does not stop to let you name the document and say where you want it saved. You have to go find it then rename it and move it. A pain in the you know what. I need a PDF driver that will let me name and put the output where I want it. This is definitely not it. Make that change and I’ll be back and buy the pro version. Close, but no cigar.

Not Quite but better than nothing

Sure it creates a pdf but it’s very limited, doesn’t allow you to name file. Nothing comes close to free PDF995 which is used with Windows-based.

Two Page Limit?

I tried to “print” a 13 page document, but only the first two pages were saved. I suspect that this is a limiting feature of the free version of the software. Unfortunately for me, did not do what I needed; uninstalling.

Free Trail

This is the free trial version, I used it to convert the first two pages of the document on Mac for testing. The result shows it is worth buying and using.

Great Design

It is a great design~! After installation on Mac, I tried to print documents on my iPhone and iPad to pdf files on Mac. It is convenient for me to save emails, webpages or word documents that are important as pdf files when I’m in the middle of a meeting.

Quite Good

I used this free trial version to check whether it is what I need. The result is a yes. By using it, I printed many documents from my iPhone and iPad to Mac, saved them as pdf files. As a pdf printer, it does a decent job. But if it can also print documents to printers, that wil be perfect.

Print documents to PDF

With an iPhone or an iPad, and a Macbook, I used this app to make a test. I opened the app on my macbook, then chosed a file on my iPhone and tap print, the webpage was saved as a pdf file on my macbook in three seconds. Very convenient~

Saving Documents to PDF

I downloaded this lite version and used it to make a test. Generally speaking, it does what the ad says. Very convenient to save many kinds of documents that are in your iPhone or iPad to the Mac as PDF documents. However, it only can save documents to PDF files. If it can also send the documents to the nearby printers to output a paper file, I will be happier. Hope the developer could take my advice and do something later.

Good but expect it better~

Really appreciate the PDF printer, but i have to notice a problem: is impossible to set personalized page sizes (A5, A3, A2, A1 etc ) and rotation, which lock the use-case only to write docs, if was possible personalize the paper output, it open the use-case to graphic designers/architects/engineers etc.

Print to PDF

I used this app to make a test. It can print many kinds of documents to pdf files on Mac and works well on saving documents as pdf files. If it can also print documents to printers, I will like it more. Anyway, a four-star review does not overpraise.

Impractically limited

This app comes with its own small pre-canned set of document sizes, and cannot acquire custom document sizes from the OS. My business depends on sizes like 10 x 13 (USA Music Part), 11 x 17, and 12 x 18, none of which are supported. So this is useless to me.

virtual PDF printer

If you are looking for at virtual printer like cutePDF. This is a fantastic little application. You will have to add it as a printer in your “system preferences” -> “printers and scanners” to see it when you print things. Then you will see it as a printer you can choose to print from. I works great for applications that aren’t so compatible with the mac os x.

Waste of time

It refuses open!!!

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